mercoledì 8 dicembre 2010

Verba volant Scripta manent Res mutant.

We know that the most efficient and effective method of conveying critical information is face to face conversation. In some agile books or web pages, we can read that a written report may be just useful for who writes it, to be able to say “I've done my job” or “I've told that!” after. But a written report may be misunderstood, “slow” in the flow of the info...

Some authors  ( talk about the CRUFT index of a text. By those discussions we can understand that a text could be NOT-read by who should read it, or misunderstood or not trusted.

That is in our world of software developers. And in the diplomacy?

The wikileaks affair shows that or the reports don't hold critical information or diplomacy ins't agile.
Does diplomacy need any agile coachers?

(mi scuso con i meie eventuali lettori del post precedente, se ho interrotto il discorso e penso che non lo riprenderò nemmeno nel prossimo)

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